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We are the national resource for government grant and assistance program news and information. We provide you with a complete accurate information for obtaining government funding, private / government loans and government assistance programs. We offer you the tools and information to find the funding and assistance that best fits your needs or circumstances. Once you have located the grant program or assistance program you are interested in, we provide you with the official application for that program in PDF format.

"Free Government Grants" Scam Alert issued by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Our team aggressively seeks new government grant / assistance programs and publishes them in our Live Database with all the information needed. We are connected within the legislative branches of your government to release in real time new assistance / grant programs as they are passed by Federal and State governments.

What our site offers :

  • Databases of all federal, state and private grants (updated bi-monthly)
  • Books on the government grant process
  • Applications needed by Grantors and Private Grantors
  • Step by Step Videos for filling out government and private applications
  • Free access to our database and information. More.....>

Government Grant News

Grantee: Randy Ward (private email) Sarasota, FL

Date Submitted:

"I needed a car to get back and forth to work and school. I found (with your help) a grant to purchase a vehicle while I attended school. Its not brand new, but I don't have a car payment! Thanks again for your help."


Grantee: Eric Bowers ( Findlay, Ohio

Date Submitted:

"Thank You! Your program was very in depth and helped me get my grant of $3500 to start my online business With in two months of signing up for your programs and applying to the some of the grants available to me, I received a check from the treasury department for $3485. I have used the monies to obtain servers, web publishing and products to earn a income that has given me more than I thought possible. I am currently waiting on a $10,000 grant to take my business to the next level! "

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  • Who is National Grants Conferences?

National Grants Conferences (NGC) is a Nationwide Research and Educational Organization and Clearing House of Government Programs (Federal, State and Local Grants, Loans and Subsidies). NGC hosts Introductory Conferences in multiple cities almost every week throughout the year. NGC is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and its Customer Support Center is located in Rochester, New York.

Federal Grants:

The Federal governments grant program "Go Green" has another 4 billion dollars infused. Bringing the total to 18 billion dollars in grant money that is available. Groups that are considered for this funding are; home owners, businesses and non-profit groups ....Learn More (Associate Press August 2009)


State Grants:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scam artists trying to illegally profit from grants programs. See ‘Free Government Grants’: Don’t Take Them For Grant-ed“.






Recent News

Obama increases grant money.In the last six months, the government grant money has increased 33% to include more eligible categories for use of this funding. For instance, there are government programs that are "Go Green" that is available to update your furnace, insulation, window replacement and solar energy.

There is more government money for Small Business Start-ups with land acquisition, inventory, equipment, expansion for buildings and much more in this government grant program. You can use grant money to retain your current employee levels, get a patent or hundreds of other uses listed in our Live Database.

The Federal Government and Private Grant Foundations issue billions of dollars in grant money to a variety of groups each year. Grants are awarded to individuals each and every day from all walks of life, with large and very small bank accounts, for an ever-increasing array of purposes.

Grant programs are not Loans. You decide how much you need. As long as the amount is lawful and you meet the Foundations and Government Agencies Requirements, the money is yours to keep and never needs to be repaid. This grant money is non-taxable and interest-free!

Grant programs don't require a credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, you can apply even if you have a declared bankruptcy or have bad credit. You as a tax payer and U.S. citizen are entitled to apply for this money.



State Programs

Every state is a major source of financial aid assistance to small business and education programs. Each state has a vested interest in promoting small business and educating their residents. More small business results in increased tax revenue. Educated residents attract businesses.

Our database connects you directly to your states grant making agencies.

Federal Programs

Every year, the US Government distributes billions of dollars to businesses and individuals.

Politicians understand small business is fast becoming the lifeline of the American Economy and will employ millions of people in the future. A vibrant small business sector means a vibrant tax base. The federal government will distribute funding to average people to help them start their business. The federal government also distributes grant money to men, women and children to help them attend college and to help with everyday living expenses and unforeseen expenses such as medical expenses. Our Grant Directory categorizes all these programs for you. Simply choose any applicable category and link directly to the grant making agency.



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