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“Free Government Grants” Scam Alert issued by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).
Our team aggressively seeks new government grant / assistance programs and publishes them in our Live Database with all the information needed. We are connected within the legislative branches of your government to release in real time new assistance / grant programs as they are passed by Federal and State governments.

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Government Grant News

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  • Free! Learn How To Get Approved Today! We’re here to help. The Grant Approval Guide gives you the know-how to gain the upper hand in your application process. Taking control starts with getting the Guide. Follow here to get your free guide.

Submit Inventions to Industry

We can help get you grant money for your idea to patent and submit to companies. You can use the money for patent registration and patent protection. Once the patent process is complete you can apply for grants to help produce your product and/or idea. See our “Patent” section of our database.

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Who is National Grants Conferences?

National Grants Conferences (NGC) is a Nationwide Research and Educational Organization and Clearing House of Government Programs (Federal, State and Local Grants, Loans and Subsidies). NGC hosts Introductory Conferences in multiple cities almost every week throughout the year. NGC is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and its Customer Support Center is located in Rochester, New York.

Federal Grants:

The Federal governments grant program “Go Green” has another 4 billion dollars infused. Bringing the total to 18 billion dollars in grant money that is available. Groups that are considered for this funding are; home owners, businesses and non-profit groups ….Learn More (Associate Press August 2009)

State Grants:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scam artists trying to illegally profit from grants programs. See ‘Free Government Grants’: Don’t Take Them For Grant-ed“.